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Books are Some of my Best Frints

Oh my, friends! What a summer it has been so far.

the kids are splashing the summer away

We're hitting the beach. We're spending time with friends and family. We're doing math exercises. We're eating too much ice cream (is that even a thing?). We're going to museums. I'm writing up a storm. And we're READING READING READING! The kidlit librarians and I are on a first-name basis.

There are some amazing and hilarious picture books that I wanted to share with you. Our current favorite:

our picture book pick of the summer, Best Frints in the Whole Universe, by Antoinette Portis

The silly language alone is guaranteed to make you and your kids crack up. It's a story of alien friends who have the most inventive lexicon you've never heard before. And there are only subtle differences between life on Boborp and life on Earth, so the aliens and their antics are super relatable to kids. I challenge you to read this book and NOT start shouting "Yahoopy! I got a spossip for my blurfday!" over and over and over again. Oh, and best news I've heard recently...there's a sequel:

Best Frints at Skrool, by Antoinette Portis

OK, so this one is by no means a new book. And I had read it by myself before, just not with my kids. I should have known that this Amy Krouse Rosenthal gem would be a huge hit:

Little Pea, by Amy Krause Rosenthal

Who knew you could relate to a green pea? I love books that take a familiar phrase or trope and completely flip it around. It's fresh, it's silly, and it's heartwarming. The Pea family is the best!

Here's a brand new one that is novel, bold, graphic, and eye-dazzling:

LOOK, by Fiona Woodcock

Fiona Woodcock uses only words with a OO to tell a story about an outing at the zoo for this sweet sibling pair. Great concept, fresh execution, A-MA-ZING colors! It's the perfect summertime picture bOOk. (Disclaimer: I worked on this one as Fiona's agent a couple years back, and I'm super proud of her)

OK, gotta to get back to my library haul from this weekend and start making a dent with my kiddos. Happy reading, my frints!

stacks and stacks of books..yahoopy!

If you need help making your picture book manuscript shout "Yahoopy!" get in touch with me over at Alli Brydon Creative to discuss hiring me as your editor.


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