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Selected Client List

Bloomsbury Children's Books / Chronicle / Disney Publishing / Huggies / I See Me / Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Little Bee Books / Lonely Planet / Macmillan / National Geographic Kids / Quarto / Scholastic / Simon & Schuster / Sooper Books Sterling Children's Books / Wonderbly / various independent children's book authors & illustrators

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New York Times Bestseller!



As Consultant on this very special children’s picture book, I edited, project managed, and helped Last Week Tonight with John Oliver usher this amazing story into the world. 

Featured in the New York Times, The New YorkerCNN, BBC, on The Ellen Show, and on Late Night with Seth MeyersA Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo sold 180,000 copies within the first three days and shot to the #1 position on Amazon within 12 hours.

"I was so lucky to get to work with Alli Brydon on A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo. She knows the industry and has such great ideas, but she also let my voice shine. I couldn't have asked for a better guide through the process of writing my first children's book." - Jill Twiss, bestselling children's book author


"A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo took on a life of its own and wouldn’t have been possible without Alli’s hand at the wheel. The book had an impossibly tight production schedule, and I was skeptical at first. But I put my trust in Alli’s skills, and somehow knew it could be done. The result was a book that went from brainstorm to publication in record time, made a splash, raised a ton of money for charity, and landed on the NYTimes Bestseller list. Not bad." - EG Keller, bestselling children's book illustrator 


Teaming up with Chicago-based advertising agency Quality Meats Creative to make a butt-filled book for a Huggies diaper campaign was apparently on my creative agency bucket list! I edited, project managed, and helped art direct The Alphabutt Book within the span of about 10 weeks in early 2023. The time was fun. It was wild. And it was filled with bum-puns. Read about it on my blog.

Pulling together an alphabet book about body inclusivity, comprised of illustrations from 26 different artists is not small feat. To accomplish this, I emailed and called and swayed 26 diffrerent illustrators (and their agents) that, yes, they could go from sketch to final art in about 3 weeks. What was amazing is that these 26 incredible illustrators agreed to join our project:


Teresa Bellon, Gemma Correll, JooHee Yoon, Zachariah Ohora, Christoph Niemann, Mathias Ball, Jasmine Floyd, Christiane Engel, Sarah Andersen, Tyler Feder, Flavia Z Drago, Erika Lynne Jones, Tisha Lee, Heegyum Kim, Elise Gravel, Jeremyville, Jana Glatt, Keith Negley, Grand Chamaco, Jason Grube, Juan Molinet, Chaaya Prabhat, Craig & Karl, Vanessa Brantley Newton, Alice Piaggio, Brosmind

You can get your copy of the latest edition of the book, published with Sourcebooks after the Huggies campaign edition sold out in record time!


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Press Start series, Scholastic US


Press Start is a series of books written and illustrated by Thomas Flintham and published by Scholastic/Branches. I was hired to work as developmental editor on Books 8 -13 in the well-established and best-selling series.  These are action-packed, video game-themed books which target a 5 - 7 year old emerging reader. For this series, I do a substantive edit on the manuscript's content and text, review and comment on sketches, and review final art layout passes until the publisher releases them for printing. 

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owl diaries 17.jpg

OWL DIARIES series, Scholastic US


Owl Diaries is a bestselling series of books written and illustrated by Rebecca Elliot and published by Scholastic/Branches. I was hired to work as developmental editor on Books 17 and 18.  These books on relatable social-emotional themes target a 5 - 7 year old emerging reader. For this series, I do a substantive edit on the manuscript's content and text, review and comment on sketches, and review final art layout passes until the publisher releases them for printing. 

“Alli has been a dream to work with! She jumped in to edit a book that was on an expedited schedule and she did a great job. Alli understands the early chapter book format and the needs of its target audience. Her editorial notes are spot-on. Oh, and she is also fabulous with due dates!” - Katie Carella, Editorial Director for Acorn and Branches, Scholastic Inc.




This self-published nonfiction book released just in time for Trans Day of Visibility 2022. Celebrating the diversity of bodies, gender identities, and expressions, it offers a positive, inclusive, and factual approach for ALL families. The author is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist whose expertise in working with transgender and gender nonbinary (TGNB) children, teens, and their families makes her the perfect author for this important book. Trans-identifying illustrator Mathias Ball brought their bright color palette and superb talent to make this book a total dazzler.

"When I began working with Alli in bringing my children's book to life I knew the stars were aligned! I had a vision and commitment and she was a gracious and deeply knowledgeable guide. She was also the most open and inclusively minded editor I approached. Working with her was truly the best decision I made when I committed to self publishing. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering taking this slightly intimidating but empowering journey!"

- Caroline Carter, PsyD

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EQ Explorers series, by Kim Linette

With seven award-winning books completed and many more planned, this is a long-term consulting project with self-publishing author Kim Linette. EQ Explorers is an amazing series of books, each of which introduces children to a valuable principle of emotional intelligence. I edit the texts, hire and manage artist James Loram, review and comment on sketches and final art, review designed layout passes until they are ready to print, and consult on various other facets of self-publishing a successful book series. The goal is to help my client create books that are high-quality and professional, to stand out from other self-published children's books.

“I hired Alli to edit and project manage my new children’s book series and she has exceeded my expectations. From day one, she has been professional, efficient and very insightful. I was new to the world of children’s books, and Alli’s depth of experience and guidance have been invaluable.” - Kim Linette, self-publishing author 

The Volume, by Luis Camnitzer


From the dot to the line to infinity: this is a whimsical children’s book about space and spatiality, with colorful illustrations and a large gatefold that illuminates the story.  Author Luis Camnitzer is a celebrated artist known for art that deconstructs accepted frameworks and exposes systems of power. In The Volume, he turns his powers of observation to familiar visual ideas and helps us to see them anew. Filled with beauty and humor, Camnitzer’s first children’s book will enlighten and delight readers of all ages.

"An abstract conversation starter for readers of all ages who like thinking deeply about artistic and conceptual expression." ― Kirkus Reviews

"Interesting and intelligent and strange . . . A book that I will actually be keeping for myself." ― Elizabeth Bird, School Library Journal

the volume.jpg

"Luis Camnitzer’s The Volume offers a whimsical exploration of the concepts and techniques that form the foundation of life and art. It’s a wonderfully illustrated and mind-boggling work that’s sure to spark conversations among youngsters interested in discussing the magic and mystery of artistic expression." ― San Francisco Book Review

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