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Services for CHILDREN'S BOOK Authors, Illustrators, & Publishers


Manuscript Critique  

Are you looking to get your manuscript ready for submission to editors and agents? Are you stuck on a manuscript you’ve been revising or submitting for ages? Do you need some professional advice on where your children’s book manuscript might be coming up short? I work with authors of all levels as a freelance editor to develop their picture book, chapter book, and middle grade novel manuscripts through in-depth developmental critique.


Picture Book Dummy Critique  

Are you a picture book author-illustrator? I provide the same service as above, but for picture book text and artwork combined. Your dummy can be fully completed with final art, but it’s best if you’re still in black & white sketch stage.


Query Letter Critique

A query letter is your best chance to make a strong first impression of a children's book editor or agent. Let me help you perfect your pitch and catch their attention! This can be done separately or in combination with the above critique services.


Children's Book Project Managing

This package is for traditional publishers, partners who are not traditional publishers, self-publishing authors/illustrators, and more! Services include developmental editing of manuscript, illustrator choice and hire, review of sketches and final art, designer hire, review of layout passes until print-ready files are completed, and consultation on printers and book specs. The goal is to help my clients create and publish children's books that are high-quality and professional, to stand out from the others.


Publishing Industry Consulting

I’m here to answer all your questions about the publishing industry: whether you’re just starting out or have been in the game awhile; you're looking to launch a freelance editorial business yourself; or you want to publish traditionally or self-publish.


​Contact me to discuss your project and ask about rates:

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