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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver presents A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo

"I was so lucky to get to work with Alli Brydon on A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo. She knows the industry and has such great ideas, but she also let my voice shine. I couldn't have asked for a better guide through the process of writing my first children's book."

- Jill Twiss, bestselling children's book author

"A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo took on a life of its own and wouldn’t have been possible without Alli’s hand at the wheel. The book had an impossibly tight production schedule, and I was skeptical at first. But I put my trust in Alli’s skills, and somehow knew it could be done. The result was a book that went from brainstorm to publication in record time, made a splash, raised a ton of money for charity, and landed on the NYTimes Bestseller list. Not bad." - EG Keller, bestselling children's book illustrator  

"Well this is just AWESOME. You’ll accuse me of exaggeration or pandering when I tell you my heart was racing as I was reading the introduction you wrote … but it’s true! It’s such a gripping, compelling invitation into the whole [book] experience. Kids will lose their minds!"

- Mel Maxwell, Senior Editor, Scholastic Inc.

“Alli has been a dream to work with! She jumped in to edit a book that was on an expedited schedule and she did a great job. Alli understands the early chapter book format and the needs of its target audience. Her editorial notes are spot-on. Oh, and she is also fabulous with due dates!” - Katie Carella, Executive Editor, Scholastic Inc.

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"Alli is the reason I am publishing my first non-fiction children’s picture book. She is an absolute dream collaborator. Her tone is always constructive and positive, while delivering direct and helpful feedback. It is clear that Alli is drawing from a deep pool of experience in the industry. She is wonderful with deadlines and was responsive with additional points that needed clarification. Thanks to Alli, I was able to tighten, elucidate, and focus my story. As a new author, working with Alli gave me the confidence to move forward with my manuscript. And now, a major US publisher has just made me an offer for the manuscript! THANKS, ALLI!"

- Allie Summers, children's book author

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“I hired Alli to edit and project manage my new children’s book series and she has exceeded my expectations. From day one, she has been professional, efficient and very insightful. I was new to the world of children’s books, and Alli’s depth of experience and guidance have been invaluable.” - Kim Linette, self-publishing author 

"It has been my great pleasure to work with Alli Brydon, the editor, and Alli Brydon, the agent. I've had over 20 books published by major, mid, and specialty publishers, and over the years I have worked with Alli on several projects. In each instance, her keen editorial eye and broad knowledge of the children’s marketplace resulted in suggestions and encouragement to improve my stories and make them more marketable. The finest editors know how to encourage an author to make their best work better. Alli consistently did that for me in a respectful, creative, and thoughtful way that resulted in the sale of several of my stories." - Janet Lawler, award-winning children's author

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"Alli Brydon is one of the most insightful, intuitive, and imaginative editors I have ever worked with. Positive and direct with her input, she was never heavy-handed. In fact, quite the contrary. Alli helped shape a more streamlined narrative without stripping out my voice, and allowing my (quirky) sense of humor to remain an integral part of the story. It was hands-down the most positive, constructive, experience I’ve ever had working with an editor."  - Richard Torrey, picture book author

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