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I'm excited to offer these online courses to children's book writers! Tap into your creativity while learning the craft and business of children's books.

Script available for those who are hearing impaired. Please ask.

Perfecting Your Picture Book is a 45-minute online course in picture book revision. It will help children’s book authors learn how to notice mistakes in their early drafts and fix them, resulting in a polished manuscript. The online course will also guide kidlit writers in the practice of story structure, characterization, and infusing a manuscript with importance and meaning. If you are a children’s book writer who wants to publish your own book and/or catch the attention of agents and editors, this course is for you!

$75 USD

Script available for those who are hearing impaired. Please ask.



This is an online course on the basics of picture books. In this 15-minute video, you'll learn about the fundamentals of the genre, like word count, page count, target age, how to format your manuscript, whether you should rhyme and/or do illustrations for your own story, and much more! 

Online course on how to write a query letter and create a succinct & satisfying pitch for your kidlit manuscript...