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Introducing... #Kidlitbot!

#kidlitbot mascot and logo created by children's book illustrator Mike Ciccotello

The hilarious and talented children's book author, Tara Lazar, was so kind to feature me on her blog this week! And what am I guest blogging about over there, you ask? Something I dreamed up called #Kidlitbot, a weekly children's book writing prompt that I started on Twitter.

#Kidlitbot is an idea generator for authors, illustrators, and author-illustrators to use as a springboard to write the first draft of a manuscript. Each Monday at 9am, I'll post to Twitter a little tidbit to inspire children's book authors to start writing.

Oh, and I also really like GIFs, so there'll be some of them, too.

Check out Tara's blog for more info. And you can follow me on Twitter so you don't miss out on this little kick-start to your creative week!

Have a kidlit idea you need help hashing out? Head on over to Alli Brydon Creative and get in touch to hire me as your writing coach, editor, or therapist...well, not that last one.

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