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You Got This!

Long time, no write, folks! You might have noticed the last date/time stamp on this blog was in September. I truly want to beat myself up about this delinquency, but I refuse.

"it is what it is"

my favorite mug

Yes, I refuse to beat myself up about not writing. I want you to try to do the same.

Twitter post by Amanda Foody

If you scroll down to the several hundreds of inspiring responses (which I recommend you do!), you'll read mine: "Moved to a new country and set up a whole new life." That's what I've been doing this second half of the year, among some other things, like "keeping my two small children alive" and "making latkes from scratch."

My husband and I moved the family to a charming little town in the south of England this past summer, and I've been very busy setting up house, settling in, driving on the left, and discovering our surroundings...all the while trying to keep up with a booming kidlit business. I'm still working with all my amazing US clients, but also delving into the fascinating and different world of UK publishing. The experience has made my life rather challenging, but 100% richer.

What I love about Amanda Foody's call, and the litany of bookish-people responses, is that it reminds us writers that life feeds the work you do in glorious and unexpected ways.

And there's this: even while you're not writing, you're writing! You're writing when you notice and engage in your world. A rich life makes for a rich writing life.

So, especially over the holidays: take your time, take stock in your surroundings, notice your world, relax, snuggle with your loved ones...then pick up your pen in the new year.

I'm 100% certain that:


And when you get back to your umpteenth draft of that picture book, reach out for an editorial critique at Alli Brydon Creative. It would be my pleasure to help you achieve your New Year's Resolution of finally finishing that manuscript!


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