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Happy Friday!

This Friday morning, the sun is shining through the window of my home office, my kids shouted "Fri-YAY!" all the way to school, and I'm already looking forward to the weekend (and celebrating Ed Brydon's birthday)!

This is the view from my office window today,

with a little glimpse into what I've been working on this week...

Fridays also feel like the perfect day to look back and take stock in what you've done during the week...and even further in the past.

Since I started Alli Brydon Creative as a children's book editorial business (2.5 years ago!), several amazing folks have hosted me on their blogs to discuss children's book writing, reading, and the publishing industry. Through them, I've been able to reach more people who want to read about children's books, the writing process, and my work. Many of you have reached out to me to say that my words have been helpful, and that feels so great.

Posted back when I was a wee baby freelance editor.

Jill Esbaum & crew hosted me way back in 2017 when I first launched, on their kidlit blog Picture Book Builders. That post was my "debut" as a proud new business owner, and I found so many amazing new picture book writing clients. That post really jump-started my business!

Ashley's blog is an amazing resource of beautiful & cool stuff.

I think the blog post that most people write to me about is "So You Want to Write Children's Books?" on Hither & Thither, Ashley Muir Bruhn's lifestyle blog. On that post I talk about some of the ins and outs of the children's book publishing industry, and how to get started if you've got an idea for a children's book. Ashley has been kind enough to invite me to be a guest blogger several times, with the most recent time being upon the publication of my very own first children's book!

Tara's blog is a must-read for picture book writers.

I suggest subscribing so you don't miss any.

And check out her picture books--she is hilarious!

I've also featured on Writer's Rumpus about writing picture books in verse (one of my specialties), on Tara Lazar's Storystorm about recycling your ideas, and even did a bunch of first page critiques on Kathy Temean's blog - which will give readers a bit of insight into how I work with my picture book clients.

And recently, Lonely Planet Kids featured me as a children's book author on their "Planet's Coolest Jobs" series. Now THAT was seriously cool.

Whether you're looking forward to the weekend or backward to all the cool things YOU'VE done...I'm wishing you a very happy Friday. Thanks for reading!


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